Quickbooks Credit Card Processing Plug-In

Powerful QuickBooks Plug-In Saves You Time and Money

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing with Merchant Facility allows you to process credit card payments and ACH payments within QuickBooks quickly and easily.

QuickBooks users will save time by authorizing credit card payments from within QuickBooks and eliminating the need to enter credit card transaction data into a POS device or Virtual Terminal and again later to update QuickBooks.

Our Merchant Account Services will save you money with competitive discount rates, low transaction fees, and no hidden costs. QuickBooks users, just let us know if you need an Internet Merchant Account or a Retail Merchant Account and we'll get it set up for you in no time at all.



Process All Major Credit Cards From Within QuickBooks

The Merchant Facility Payment Plug-in enables you to accept all major credit, debit, Level II commercial cards, purchasing cards and ACH payments.

The best part! Never leave your QuickBooks software to process credit card payments. Our Quickbooks credit card processing plugin allows the use of standard QuickBooks forms to record sales, voids and returns. You may process swiped or keyed payments as well as recurring payments and ACH.



Powerful Features of our Quickbooks Credit Card Processing:

  • Process Card Present and Not Present Credit Card Payments
    directly in QuickBooks
  • Process ACH Payments directly in QuickBooks
  • Store unlimited number of cards per customer
  • Eliminate double entry of data
  • Process Manually-Keyed and Card-Swiped Transactions
  • Supports Credit Card Readers for Card Present Transactions
  • Process Sales, Voids and Returns
  • Process Level II Transactions
  • Use QuickBooks Sales Receipts, Receive Payments, and Credit Memos
  • Lower Merchant Account Discount Fees
  • Utilizes the Merchant Facility Secure Payment Gateway
  • Fraud Profiling and Address Verification Services (AVS)
  • Real-time Transaction Reporting
  • Superior US-Based Customer Service


Total Commitment to Service

You will be pleased with our Total Commitment to Service. Merchant Facility is well known for the level of Customer Service we provide to our customers. We treat every customer as a member of the family and we work hard to ensure your success. Merchant Facility is your one-stop shop for all of your Quickbooks credit card processing needs.

Compatible Versions:

  • QuickBooks Professional Editions
  • QuickBooks Premier Editions
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Editions


Automatically sync transactions between QuickBooks and the Virtual Terminal!

Sync QuickBooks and Virtual Terminal data automatically, without the need to manually upload an .iif file! When a transaction is ran through the Virtual Terminal, invoices are marked as paid and customer information is updated in QuickBooks daily. Scheduled recurring payments will automatically generate an invoice and payment through QuickBooks, to make tracking sales across systems easy!


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