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Product Information

More New Free Templates

Free Templates Make it Easy to Build & Design Your Online Shopping Cart

Merchant Facility gives you all the tools you'll ever need to create your website & online store.

Online Shopping Cart software comes with 50 website templates and the ability to create your own designs using HTML & CSS.

Our elite Easy Edit Bar lets you make design changes in real-time as well as speed up the process of adding categories, products and web pages.

Design & Marketing

Daily Deals

Increase sales by combining urgency with a time limit to retain customers & generate new traffic.

Group Deals

Move inventory fast by selling large blocks of product, offered at a discount to a group of customers who must reach a minimum number to qualify for the deal.

Social & Mobile Integrated Directly into your Online Shopping Cart

Facebook Store

Your Facebook Store is simple to set up:

  • select the products to sell on Facebook
  • configure your Facebook categories
  • synchronization is automated
  • only one store to maintain

Product Management


CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system allows you to track & manage correspondence with your customers, right from the online shopping cart software.

A record of all customer interactions keeps the relationship professional and organized. CRM flexibility allows configurable ticket status names and departments for your CRM.

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